The Timekoin Team Challenges Anyone to Break Timekoin.

Welcome all that have come here to read the rules and instructions for the bounty. The purpose of this bounty is to encourage creative thinking about better ways to secure Timekoin. The challenge is quite simple, bring us 1,000 Timekoins and in exchange, we give you $1,000.00 USD.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Bounty Registration & Bounty Hunt Start February 25, 2013.

  2. Bounty remains active until a winner collects (no expiration).

  3. The following details must be available with your public key or else the bounty can not be collected.
    -- Name / Group / or (Anonymous) if preferred
    -- Contact E-mail Address
    -- Public Key that should be monitored for the winning balance

  4. All bounty processing must be done with and against the latest release version of Timekoin Server.

  5. How you arrive at the 1,000 Timekoin balance is open to any bugs, exploits, or brute force attacks on the Timekoin protocol that you find. Simply buying 1,000 and trying to present it as the bounty does not count.

  6. Stealing currency from other users that goes outside the actual Timekoin software will disqualify you. This isn't a Microsoft or Apple security bounty.

  7. Before any winner is declared, the official website contact for Timekoin; member designated as "KnightMB" will check & verify all claims of the 1,000 bounty.

  8. Only 1 winner can claim the bounty. Afterwards the bounty is closed.

  9. The bounty rewards is currently $1,000.00 USD -- If donations are made to increase the bounty, this will be reflected in the rules here.

  10. Any / All information about any exploit or bug used or in part to obtain the 1,000

    balance must be disclosed to the Timekoin team in full to collect the bounty.

  11. The bounty is collected by exchanging the 1,000 Timekoin balance for the bounty amount.

  12. Bounty winner will be paid via these designated systems if possible and by choice of the bounty winner
    * Check or
    * Cash or
    * Digital Currency or
    * Online Payment System


* All attempts to pay bounty winner with the payment choice will be made, however if not possible for any reason, winner must choose another way to get paid for bounty.